Peatlands International 2/2007

Peatlands International 2/2007 was published in December 2008, printed in 3000 copies with 68 pages. It deals with tropical peatlands as special topic on 23 pages. Peatlands International can be ordered from the IPS Online Shop.

SPECIAL: Tropical Peatlands

  • Tropical Peatlands: Distribution, Extent and Carbon Storage – Uncertainties and Knowledge Gaps
  • Burning Issue: Tropical Peatlands and Fire
  • Tropical Peatlands of Southeast Asia: Onset Age and Development
  • Climate Change, Poverty, Biofuels and Pulp – Deforestation and Degradation of Peatlands
  • No Palm Oil from Plantations on Peat
  • Is there a Future for the Tropical Peatland Forests of Central Sumatra, Indonesia?
  • Subsidence and Water Management of Tropical Peatlands
  • Rehabilitation and Fibre Plantation Management of Degraded Wetlands in South Sumatra
  • Deputy Minister Bambang Setiadi: Great Dilemma in Using Tropical Peatlands
  • Possibilities to Cut Down Tropical Peat C-losses
  • Yogyakarta Statement on Carbon-Climate-Human Interactions on Tropical Peatlands

Other topics are:

  • A Strategy for a Long-Term Sustainable Utilization of Peat
  • What is the Coordination Committee for Global Actions on Peatlands?
  • De-Mystifying the Role of IPS in CC-GAP
  • Peat Energy Becoming More Important in Russia
  • A Short History of the Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss Association
  • International Peat Congress 2008 – Post-Congress Tour: Western Peatlands
  • International Peat Congress 2008 – Congress Arts Programme
  • Hani Mire – A Percolation Mire in Northeast China
  • A Brand-New Look at Stock Fire Prevention
  • Wim Tonnis Award Goes to Hartmut Falkenberg
  • “Spots and Shots” from the IPS Annual Assembly in Riga, May 2007
  • Diversity of Mire Origin and History in Latvia
  • Excursion among Swedish Peatlands
  • Finnish Peatland Society’s Excursion to Northern Greece, 2006
  • Book Review: Komi Republic – Nature and Culture
  • New International Programme ”MSc Landscape Ecology and Nature Conservation” at Greifswald University (Germany)