Peatlands International 1/2008

Peatlands International 1/2008 was published in May 2008, printed in 3000 copies with 52 pages. It deals with peat in Ireland as special topic on 16 pages and includes the IPS Annual Report 2007 on additional 32 pages. Peatlands International can be ordered from the IPS Online Shop.

SPECIAL: Peat in Ireland

  • The Origins and Development of the Peat Industry in Ireland
  • The Irish Save the Bogs Campaign 1982-2007
  • The Peat Industry in Ireland
  • Conservation and Restoration of Bogs in Ireland
  • Environmental and Social Enhancement of Forest Plantations on Western Peatlands in Ireland – A Case Study

Other Articles

  • Finnish Peatland Society: Study Tour to the Fertile Fens of Southern Lapland
  • The Finnish Peatland Society’s Excursion to Lapland from a German Perspective
  • Behind every great packaging system, there is a great mixing line
  • A Glimpse at the Finnish Peat Industry during Study Tours and Field Trips
  • Degradation and Restoration of Peatlands on the Tibetan Plateau
  • Peatlands on the Altiplano Plateau of the Central Andes
  • IPS Commission II Survey: Peat Covers 77 Percent of the Growing Media Production in the EU
  • Peatlands and Climate Change: Carbon Sink or Source?
  • Book review: ‘Wetlands: Monitoring, Modelling and Management