Peatlands International 1/2007

Peatlands International 1/2007 was published in April and sent to all IPS members and stakeholders in peat and peatland issues. 300 copies remain at the IPS Secretariat to be distributed at forthcoming events.

Peatlands International 1/2007 contains, on 50 pages:

Up-to-date information about the following congresses, conferences and symposia:

- International Peat Congress in Tullamore, 8-14 June 2008, please visit also
- workshop and intensive course on “Wetland Water Management” in Poland on 2-8 July 2007
- “Peat in Horticulture Symposium” in Nottingham, UK on 6 September 2007
- International conference “Peat and Peatlands 2007” in Lamoura, France on 8-11 October 2007

…the IPS Annual Report 2006 (as a supplement)


  • Editorial: Asian peatlands in focus
  • From the President’s Desk: Another Peat Congress Looming
  • Join the International Peat Congress in Tullamore in 2008!
  • Do you remember? Impressions from the 12th International Congress in Tampere, Finland
  • Cover of the 1st Circular for IPC 2008

IPS insights

  • New IPS Members
  • Summer Reading? Order IPS Publications online!
  • Introduction: Varpu Savolainen
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  • Information for Advertisers

Conferences and symposia

  • 4th Workshop and short intensive Course on Wetland Water Management, Poland, 2 - 8 July 2008
  • The Future of Subsurface Drainage in Peatlands
  • International Conference “Peat and Peatlands 2007” in Lamoura, France
  • Peat in Horticulture Symposium in Nottingham, 6 September 2007
  • Future IPS Meetings and Symposia
  • Events of related organisations

Research reports

  • The Restoration of Blanket Bog in Ireland
  • Global Team to tackle Carbon Time-bomb
  • The Aquatic Warbler - Saving Europe’s most threatened song bird
  • Water Protection Issues are in good Condition in Finnish Peat Production
  • Nutrient Loading of Peat Harvesting has decreased significantly in Finland
  • Distribution, diversity, development and dynamics of polygon mires: examples from Northeast Yakutia (Siberia)

Short news items

  • Incentives for house-owners in Dutch peatland areas wanted
  • Swedish Peat in the EC BioSoil project

New publications

  • Telma No. 36 27
  • New Book Published: Modern Peat Therapy -
  • Peat is not the same as peat