Dr. Line Rochefort Winner of the IPS Award of Excellence 2011!

The IPS Award of Excellence 2011 went to Dr. Line Rochefort of Université Laval, Québec, Canada.

Prof. Rochefort holds a PhD and is a full Professor at the University’s Department of Plant Sciences. In addition, she has been holding the Industrial Research Chair for Peatland Management (Natural Science and Engineering Research, NSERC) since 2003, mainly specializing in peatland restoration. Her scientific activities include restoration ecology, peatlands ecology (fen and bogs), Sphagnum biology, bryophyte ecology, ecosystem experiments, plant-soil interactions in mosses, ecosystem rehabilitation and Sphagnum farming.

She is actively collaborating with the Canadian peat industry for peatland restoration after peat extraction in fens and bogs, for berry and tree production on peatlands, for Sphagnum farming and recently with oil sands companies researching ways to recreate fens after the decommission of sites, and with polymetallic mining companies to restore peatlands-wetlands for their filtration capacities.

Last but not least, Dr. Rochefort works as expert advisor for different levels of government in Canada and within the Canadian provinces where peatlands are involved, including departments of agriculture, forestry, environment, natural resources and transport. For the IPS, Dr. Line Rochefort was Chair of Commission V on “Restoration, rehabilitation and after-use of peatlands” for many years, has organised numerous conferences, symposia and workshops on different peatland matters and had a large share in editing the IPS guide to organising scientific events.

The IPS Award of Excellence was launched in 2005 and comprises of a framed scroll and a cash prize of € 1000. Nominations for the Award can be submitted by all members to the IPS Secretariat by 31 January of each year. The Executive Board of IPS will review the Terms of Reference in autumn to make the application process easier. More information can also be found at old.peatsociety.org/index.php?id=103.

The 2011 Award of Excellence of IPS was handed over at the festive banquet of the Symposium on Responsible Peatland Management and Growing Media Production in Québec on 15 June 2011. Our warmest congratulations!