Executive Board Elections 2014

By the submission deadline, the IPS Secretariat has received nominations for the following persons:

  • Moritz Böcking, Germany (German Peat Society (DGMT); Klasmann-Deilmann GmbH)
  • Erki Niitlaan, Estonia (Estonian Peat Association; Steiger Engineering LLC)
  • Claes Rülcker, Sweden (Swedish Peat Producers Association; Swedish Peat Research Foundation)
  • Liliya Stepchenko, Ukraine (Dnepropetrovsk Agricultural University) (valid if membership fees 2012-2013 are paid before the commencement of the Annual Assembly on 28 August 2014)
  • Lech Szajdak, Poland (Polish Academy of Sciences)

The invitations for the Annual Assembly will be sent out by post in June to the Chairs and Secretaries of our National Committees, who send their national representatives to the Assembly. Each country (NC) that has paid its full membership fees and is present in Riga is allowed to vote. In 2014, three seats on the IPS Executive Board become vacant.