International Peat Journal no. 12

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J. Rieley (Ed.)
peat, bog



The Impact of Logging on Land Use Change  in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia
H-D. V. Bohm & F. Siegert

The Law of the Jungle: Juridical Action against Dessication of Mire Reserves in the Netherlands

Soil Association in the Surroundings of Oligotrophic Mires in the Berlin Region
F. Alaily &C A. Brande

The Restoration of Kirkconnell Flow: Searching for a Bog Amongst the Trees
O.M. Bragg

World Mire Classification: An approach Based on their Origin, Development and Vegetation
P. Julve

Approaches to Swiss Mire Monitoring
A. Griinig, G. M. Steiner, C. Ginzler, U. Graf & M. Kiichler

Kiritappu Mires in Eastern Hokkaido, J apan - A Review of its Development, Hydrology and Vegetation
S. Hoces

Vegetation Diversity of Valuable Peatlands in Latvia
M. Pakalne, L. Salmioa & V Segliod

Insect Biodiversity of Central European Peat Bogs: The Habitat Island Concept of Conservation
K. Spiczer

Terrestrialization of a Peat Lake in the  Sikkim Himalaya, India
A. Jain , S.C. Rai & E. Sharma

Thermal Tratment of Tropical Peat Soils for Improved Adsorption Properties
M. A. Nawi, M. Z. Ibrahim, 5 . S. Chow & Md.Sariff Jab