International Peat Journal no. 10

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J. Rieley (Ed.)



Influence of Vegetation R emoval and R egrowth on Interception and Water Table
Level on Wetlands
Vincent Roy, Andre P. Plamondon and Pierre-Y. Bernier

Analysis of Peat Chemical Composition for Developing Value -Added Classification of Peat
for Industrial Production
Birgit A. Beining, Nicholas M. Holden, Shane M. Ward and Edward P. Farrell

Long -Term Changes in Diversity and Composition of Two Predatory Arthropod Taxa (Araneae and
Carabidae) in Fens
Anna Kajak and Isabella Olejniczak

Solute Retention in a Groundwater Table Controlled Fen Area with Respect to Various Land Use
Dagmar Balia, Ottfried Dietrich and Joachim Quast

The Distribution and Prediction of Gross Heat Value in Irish Industrial Peat
Birgit A. Beining, Nicholas M. Holden, Shane M. Ward and Edward P. Farrell

An Investigation of the Potential Use of Peat Pulverised Fuel Ash as a Civil Engineering Material
Eamonn A. Power, Mark G. Richardson and Seoirse Mac Craith


Economic Evaluation o f Peat Utilization for Alkali Soil Amelioration and After Uses of Cut-Over Peat Bogs in Kezuohou County, Inner-Mongolia, China
Yasushi Nishizaki, Huaining Yin and Tatsuaki Yamaguchi

Re -Establishment of Sphagnum Papillosum unde r Relatively Stable Water Table Conditions
Kurt W. Johnson, Thomas J. Malterer and Craig C. Maly

High Rate of Peat Accumulation in the Tectonic Depression of Katouna , Western Greece
Antonis Bouzinos, Stephanos Papazisimou, Kimon Christanis and Polychronis C. Tzedakis

Phenolic Acids in Tropical Peat
Salampak, Sabiham and John O. Rieley