Factors controlling the contribution of net carbon loss and total subsidence in a water-managed tropical peatland

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Kiwamu Ishikura, John Bathgate and Ryusuke Hatano
Book (published in): 
Proceedings of the 15th International Peat Congress
subsidence, net carbon loss, CO2 flux, water management, tropical peatland



Acacia plantation on tropical peatland has the issue of subsidence and water management is important to avoid serious subsidence. However, subsidence in the well-managed tropical peatland is seldom reported. Objective of this study is to explore the factors controlling net carbon loss (NCL) and total subsidence (S) and the proportion of NCL in S (Pncl) in a water-managed tropical peatland. Our study site had three major land uses: Acacia plantation (sites A1 and A2), buffer zone (site B) and natural forest (site N). Small abandoned canals from a previous era exist throughout the natural forest. New canals were constructed only in Acacia plantation, following the contour of the peat dome, with aim to avoid water flow from the high to low elevation. CO2 flux (peat decomposition),...