Diversity and characteristics of cryptocoryne (araceae) species of peat swamp ecosystem in Borneo

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I.B. Ipor, C.S. Tawan, C, S. Wongso, N. Jacobsen., J.D. Bastmeijer, and H. Budianto
Book (published in): 
Proceedings of the 15th International Peat Congress
Cryptocoryne, peat swamp ecosystem, Borneo, conservation


Cryptocoryne (Araceae) is a genus of submerged aquatic plants commonly known as water trumpet. Cryptocoryne spp. have been increasingly popular and used in the aquarium industry worldwide. They are found in rivers, streams  or swampy areas mostly in fresh water and peat swamps while a few species are able to grow in mangroves. Some Cryptocoryne species are rare and grow within their native habitats and are considered localised in their distribution and endemic to certain areas. This study was carried out in Borneo focusing on areas within Sarawak, Malaysia and...