Carbon dioxide balance of a secondary tropical peat swamp forest in Sarawak, Malaysia

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Frankie Kiew, Ryuichi Hirata, Takashi Hirano, Wong Guan Xhuan, Edward Baran Aries, Kevin Kemudang, Joseph Wenceslaus and Lulie Melling
Book (published in): 
Proceedings of the 15th International Peat Congress
Tropical peatland, ecosystem security, carbon dioxide, peat swamp


Tropical peatlands are important reservoirs of terrestrial carbon. Therefore, net ecosystem exchange (NEE) of carbon dioxide (CO2) from this ecosystem is potentially important to the global carbon cycle. We conducted an eddy covariance observation over a secondary tropical PSF in Betong division in Sarawak, Malaysia (01°24’N, 111°23’E). The objectives of our study were: 1) to investigate the environmental controls on CO2 fluxes of ecosystem photosynthesis (GPP) and ecosystem respiration (RE), 2) to investigate seasonality in CO2 fluxes and 3) to assess annual NEE and discuss its inter-annual variation. CO2 and energy fluxes were measured at the height of 41 m from October 2010 using a sonic anemometer/thermometer (CSAT3, CSI) and an open-path CO2/H2O...