Advanced estimation of tropical peatland/wetland ecosystems using innovative technologies

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Mitsuru Osaki, Kazuyo Hirose, Hidenori Takahashi, Nobuyuki Tsuji, and Bambang Setia
Book (published in): 
Proceedings of the 15th International Peat Congress
MRV, SESAME, Hypersensor, Carbon emission, Groundwater level



High Carbon Reservoir (HCR) Ecosystems is most important Ecosystem for Carbon Flux affecting strongly Climate Change and Human Impact, where are as Peatland/Wetland (by CO2 and CH4), Costal Ecosystem including Mangrove and Coral Reef (by CO2), and Permafrost (by CH4). The HCR Ecosystems is very important not only for storage and conservation of carbon, but also the conservation of water stock and biodiversity. To establish the HCR Ecosystems, a MRV system that is coupled with two components – satellite sensing and grand truth data - is urgently required. For this purpose, several satellite data were integrated with ground truth data in our JST-JICA (SATREPS) Project on "Wild Fire and Carbon Management in Peat-Forest in Indonesia", then it is successes to...