The Mission of Commission VIII

Why and how Commission VIII? From Siberia to Ireland the use of Peat and Peatlands has left traces spanning thousands of years. From peat bodies and Roman track ways to folklore and family names, Peat and Peatlands remember us of the physical and cultural environment of millions.

Today economic and environmental concerns demand a "Wise Use" of Peatlands: the science/art of balancing conflicting interests. In former times subsistence urged a less considerate use of peat, leaving amongst others many artefacts, and completely transforming landscapes in the process.
Because of its intrinsic interest but also as a tribute to those who toiled in the peat, it is important to treat these artefacts respectfully and keep memories alive. But also in recent history and today peat and culture can be partners, as is amply being proved.

The IPS has ten Commissions that deal with the various important aspects of Peat and Peat Use. Commission VIII was created to emphasize and stimulate the interest in cultural aspects of Peat and Peatlands. This wide and little specified target needs to be made more concrete. The youngest Commission therefore invites and challenges IPS-members and non-members alike to participate!