Commission Peatlands and Society

Marie Kofod-Hansen
Sättrabyvägen 4
S-762 97 Edsbro
Tel: + 46 708 931 861
Email: marie.kofodhansen (at)

1st vice-chair: Kirsi Laurén, kirsi.lauren(at)

2nd vice-chair: Rachel Carmenta, rachelcarmenta(at)



Peatlands Education, Communication and Publicity:
Catherine O'Connell, bogs (at)

Peatland Conventions and International Affairs:
Jack Rieley, jack.rieley(at)

Peatlands and Culture:
Anne Jelle Schilstra, secretaris(at)

Peatlands and people, health and local livelihoods:
Dian Novarina, dian_novarina(at)