Peatlands are often used to create special scenes of vulnerability, desolation and horror. Here in one exemple from Finland:


Peat Bog Soldiers

Peat bog soldiers is a song about the hard job at the peatbog.
Listen to Peat bog soldiers with Paul Robeson 

This song was written by prisoners in Nazi moorland labour camps in Lower Saxony, Germany. Peat Bog Soldiers (GermanDie Moorsoldaten) is one of Europe's best-known protest songs. In 1933, one camp, Börgermoor, held about 1,000 Socialist and Communist internees. They were banned from singing existing political songs so they wrote and composed their own. The words were written by Johann Esser (a miner) and Wolfgang Langhoff (an actor); the music was composed by Rudi Goguel and was later adapted by Hanns Eisler and Ernest Busch. The song has a slow simple melody, reflecting a soldier's march, and is deliberately repetitive, echoing and telling of the daily grind of hard labour in harsh conditions.  Ernest Busch got a international hit with this song. Later on it was translated in to English and is now a part of the traditional folk songs in Europe.

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