The mystery of the monster march machine

A family photograph showing a giant tank-like machine was featured in the paper EDP 24.

The owner of teh photograph, Peter Jarvis from Felthorpe, was mystified by the picture from his grandfather’s collection – showing a giant tractor with a shed on the top and a disc mounted on one side, which he thought was pictured on the flat marshes of north Norfolk.

But readers have come up the answer - and moved the focus to the peat bogs of Ireland, and a Suffolk-based manufacturer of farm equipment and steam engines.

Retired agricultural engineer and classic tractor fan John Burgess from Marsh Farm, Worlingham said he recognised the machine as one of a series which cut and loaded peat from Irish bogs to send to power stations. 


Peat Museums
Many countries have museums that honour peat and the people whose lives were dominated by peat.


Stenvad Mosebrugscenter
The history of peat and peatlands, from fuel to horticultural use.




Lusto, the Finnish Forest Museum 
The museum displays mainly forests and forestry related items and information, but caters also for many aspects of peat & peatlands. 



Naturschutzzentren Bad Wurzach

Nature conservation, mire developement, history of the landscape 


Moormuseum Moordorf

 Working and living in peatlands. 

Museum Torfschiffswerft Schlussdorf
Peat transportation by boats, cultivation and colonization of peatlands. 

Naturschutz- und Informationszentrum Goldenstedter Moor
Nature conservation, use of peatlands, peatland archaeology and peat railway.

Moor- und Fehnmuseum Elisabethfehn
Nature trail, instruments and machines for peat winning, peat cottage, cultivation and colonization of peatlands, nature conservation. 



Peatlands Country Park, Dungannon (NI)

A 266ha country park with visitor centre, biodiversity education centre, guided walks and on site interpretation.

An Creggan Visitor Centre (NI)
This visitor centre situated in the foothills of the Sperrins interprets the natural history of the local area.

Cuilcagh Mountain Park and Marble Arch Caves, Floerence Court, Co Fermanagh (NI)
Cuilcagh Mountain Park is one of the best examples of the blanket bog ecosystem in Northern Ireland.



Drents Museum
History of colonization of peatlands, peat winning.

Veenkoloniaal Museum Veendam
The emergence of peatlands, history of peat winning.

VeenMuseum Vriezenveenseveld

Veenpark, Barger-Compascuum
Old "Plaggen" cottage, working and living in peatlands.



Föreningen Ryttarens Torvströfabrik

Peat production in authentic environment.