History and folklore

Countless prehistoric sites have been found in peatlands. Settlements, wooden trackways, bogs bodies and artefacts are often well preserved in the mires and bogs. They are indicators of a fascinating past which still holds many mysteries.

In some parts of the world peat has been used  as a source of energy for many centuries. Already in the first century A.D. Roman writers such as Plinius made mention of it. Where wood was not available peat was used for heating and cooking until coal and later oil and natural gas took its place.

Peatlands often were perceived as mysterious and dangerous places where ghosts might rise out of the mist and people would disappear never to return. That’s why they often play a role in stories and traditions.

Commission VIII aims to collect these various items  on this website. We ask for your help in gathering as much information as possible.   We want to show that peatlands are not just rich in resource and nature but also in culture.